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Hello everyone!
Let me introduce myself.  I am The Possum.  This is my eleventh year writing for internet websites and I would like to give a brief background on myself to let you know where I come from, why you should read my thoughts about the games and even follow my picks. Let me explain:
When I was 9 or 10 years old, I was into sports like most kids my age, but I also was very entrepreneurial and turned my love for sports into a business.  I started collecting sports cards.  By the time I was 11, I was setting up at card shows and selling my goods to make a few dollars.  This was my first introduction into gambling.  Why, you ask?  Because opening a pack of baseball cards and looking for the one card that is worth money is in essence gambling. By the time I was 16, I was winding down the card show business and started wholesaling card supplies to card shops from Orlando, Fl up to St. Mary's, GA. Now I had more money than most kids my age, and my parents took me on a cruise to the Bahamas where a great thing happened a bonding experience with my father at a slot machine in Nassau.  That's right, you guessed it.  A 16 year old Possum hit the jackpot, and daddy collected it for him (so it was sort of legal). At age 18, I decided that it was time to make money on the players and not just their cards, so I entered into the sports gambling game. That is where it all started.
Off to the University of Florida (Home of the Mighty Gators!) and BACK to BACK to BACK National Champions I went. Who knew that those would be some very lucrative years for my best friend and I as we decided to take action.  This is when I realized the keys to football betting:  money management, handicapping, and being on the right side just over 50% plus vig will make you a WINNER!
I love trends and angles. (You should see the notebooks of trends and stats I have!) I spend hours and hours digging up every trend that I can on each game.  I only look at the lines after I have eliminated games that I have no information on, and compiled a list of games that I am interested in playing.  After I check the lines, I move on to injuries and weather, narrowing down my possible games even more.  This allows me to isolate my strongest plays based on the research that I have done. 
Following that criteria, I will post a few College and NFL picks each week with angles, trends, and the reasons why I have decided to play these games.  The following week, I will update my record and post some remarks on the games from the prior week.  Things don't always go right, and sometimes The Possum plays dead, but don't lose hope.  The Possum is always ALIVE and ready to bite THE BOOKIE!
Unlike many cappers The Possum wagers on all the games he tells you to play.  Regular plays he plays at 1 unit and TOP plays he plays at 2 units!  Following this money management strategy he has been a WINNER year after year!
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